Driven by meaningful storytelling.

Strive Stories is an independent Stockholm-based production company making feature films and TV drama for all platforms. Founded by best-selling author Jens Lapidus and award-winning producer Nicklas Wikström Nicastro with the purpose to produce intriguing stories with a greater meaning for both a local and a global audience.

“For us, storytelling is more than just entertainment. We want to inspire and touch the audience on a deeper level. That is why we only create stories worth telling, to make a difference. Our constant motivation is to seek out those extraordinary narratives and finding  creative ways to tell them. We strive to  make an impression that lasts, in everything we do.”

To strive is our passion. The stories are our purpose.

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Nicklas Wikström Nicastro

Jens Lapidus

Author/Executive Producer

Caroline Landerberg